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Help with Granting Forgiveness

Dealing with Difficult Emotions - Finding Emotional Freedom

Tips for Teaching Children How to Identify What They Are Feeling

Are You Suffering from False Guilt

What Are You Ashamed Of?

To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine

Setting Boundaries Within Relationships

More Help with Setting Boundaries

Inner Healing Exercise

The Best 50 Minutes of Your Life

Have You Ever Wondered Who Jesus Christ is?

Hand Exercise

Journaling Exercise -- Understanding the Defense Mechanisms of the Ego

Exercise – Determining Priorities

Healing Affirmations

Help For Those Who Long For Peace and Freedom in Their Souls

Spiritual Direction

An Invitation

A Work Of Art

Bedtime Prayer for Healing Life’s Pain

A Healing Forgiveness Prayer

One Writer’s Prayer

A Call To Pray

Call to Intercessory Prayer

An End Of Life Prayer

Emergency Numbers

Our Father’s Love Letter

Scriptures for When We are Afraid

Benefits for Those Who Have a Reverent Awe of God

Scriptures on Suffering

Scriptures For Times of Crisis

For Devoted Christians Only