A Dream that Reaches Deep

During my sleep the other night this brief, powerful dream brought me front and center with God’s love.  In the dream my husband, Gary, is having a stream of trouble regarding his health. I awaken while hearing myself speak these words to him, “No matter what the circumstances I am here with you, loving you.”

Instantly, the dream changes:  I see sheep — a lot of sheep — then I hear what I know to be the voice of God, saying, “This is my message to my sheep:  “No matter what the circumstances I am here with you, loving you, leading you!”

The dream portrayed the great love I have for Gary; I felt the compassion that flows from me to him while seeing him plagued day by day with the limitations and difficulties that come from having cancer. As I awakened, I was enriched through vividly feeling that love. Yet, I was struck even more deeply through realizing this dream also reveals God’s great love for us.  He leads us as a beloved flock.

The dream allowed me to experience an apex of human love while, at the same time, showing me how much greater, deeper and wider–is God’s love for us  . . . His empathy and compassion! He is with us in our sufferings!

The New Testament extends various analogies that show God’s love for us — even to include Christ calling us “His bride.”


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