Treasure One Another

What is most important in our lives? As I write this, the East Coast is threatened by Hurricane Irene–while the earthquakes of Japan and Haiti are not far from our minds. We have accomplished a lot as human beings. Look at all we have achieved and built! Yet, we can’t change the fact that we live in a dangerous world. For sure, there are things over which we have no control. Within every family uncertainties face us; we handle these one by one. For the most part, we work through each happenstance as separate, little units. It is when storms, earthquakes, floods, and tsunami hit this globe that something different sweeps over us. There is a sense that we are all in this together. The earth itself creates a sense of unity . . . we know more than ever that there is a vital connection between us all. Not even Mother Nature can tear asunder God’s intention –“love thy neighbor.”

Treasure one another–loving one another to the max–links us with the eternal and builds us. Here is something that no storm can take down. No flood or tsunami can drown, and no earthquake can tear apart. Think about it: The only thing on this globe that is eternal is each other.

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  1. Chaplain Joy,

    This article is a wonderful reminder, that, though our own personal struggles may seem overwhelming, we are not alone in the “storm”- thank you for your wonderful website, and generously sharing your wisdom. Many blessings, Chery

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