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A Dream that Reaches Deep

During my sleep the other night this brief, powerful dream brought me front and center with God’s love.  In the dream my husband, Gary, is having a stream of trouble regarding his health. I awaken while hearing myself speak these … Continue reading

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What are you ashamed of?

Consider this: Shame can be false. False shame is entirely different from true shame. True shame comes when we are guilty of doing something we know is wrong. False shame can come from feeling defaced, or changed, as a result … Continue reading

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How Do We Lose Our Souls?

People chose evil due to doubting God and thinking their way is better–not caring what God would want or even caring what the conscience is saying. The conscience can be burned away through constantly choosing to ignore it. Eventually, it … Continue reading

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Why People See God as Being Angry and Punishing

Easter 2012 Chaplain Joy L. Smith     As a chaplain, I encounter people who are unable to get close to God. They feel God wants to control them. They think of God as angry and punishing. I believe this … Continue reading

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Ponderings – What’s Next?

How many of us have wondered about the passages in the Bible that speak of a great fire to take place before “that day” when the new heaven and earth come to be?  Sometimes I find the courage to ask … Continue reading

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Treasure One Another

What is most important in our lives? As I write this, the East Coast is threatened by Hurricane Irene–while the earthquakes of Japan and Haiti are not far from our minds. We have accomplished a lot as human beings. Look at … Continue reading

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