The Chaplain is In: Journey to Health & Happiness
by Chaplain Joy Le Page Smith

Do you doubt your worth, regret your past or feel thwarted by hurts perpetrated by others? These dilemmas can create a perpetual sense of uselessness or overwhelming defeat. Are we good enough, doing enough--or getting far enough in life? If this strikes home for you, you are not alone. Sufferings of this and other kinds of pain are endured, at times, as part of being human. The Chaplain Is In: Journey to Health and Happiness provides helpful insights to assist you in restoring your self-worth and facing your challenges head-on. Together, we will get you through to what lies on the other side of these challenging questionings that can shake one’s faith. There is a freedom, a peace, and a joy ahead to be savored. This book can help you find it. Truth be known: God has power to do even more in and through each of us. This book will help you see your strength, your beauty--and arise from whatever it is that holds you back. For, there is healing in His wings” (Mal 4:2). Finding the healing we want and need is part and parcel to this book. The chaplain is in!

Inspired by the book, Joy’s husband prepared this picture and wrote the following:

photo of book

Come, take the wheel and experience
the Journey.

Drive on the road that draws us
ever closer to the Creator.
Along the way there will be the occasional
pothole, flat tire, cracked windshield, or
body ding.

Although adversities do occur, they help us
become stronger -- both as an individual
and as a Sojourner with Christ.

Offer praise and thanksgiving when the
road is smooth. Slow down and be
patient when the "drive"
is steep and seems precarious.

Gary D. Smith